Our mission is to supply the national market with quality products and raw materials for human consumption, providing nutritional health and being a significant option for the population.


Our vision is to be a multinational company of natural foods that leads the markets in: sales, quality, health, and social responsibility, and establishes a change in the country's dietary lifestyle towards healthy eating.

Mision y Vision Imagen


Cover all international markets.

Maintaining the standard of product quality and customer service quality as well.

Strengthen a healthy eating lifestyle in the population.

Advising the population on how to achieve health and vitality.


"Karito" is the brand that represents our family company established since 2017, which specializes in the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of Colombian food raw materials, particularly focusing on high-nutritional-value and high-fiber granolas and healthy snacks.

Our granolas stand out due to their formulation, which makes them particularly delicious and natural at the same time (without added chemical additives), combining high-cost and high-nutritional-value ingredients such as sliced almonds, whole almonds, raisins, natural coconut, sesame seeds, chia seeds, quinoa, dried fruits, and peanuts, abundant in every aspect of the mix composed of various healthy cereals. Simultaneously, they contain the benefits of a 100% natural product, without preservatives, chemical additives, or added refined sugar, sweetened only with pure cane panela and honey in precise amounts to avoid overwhelming sweetness.

We offer a Doy Pack packaging with an additional zipper that allows for a tight seal once the laminated Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) bag is opened, specially designed for food preservation. Our cereals have a long shelf life and come with a one (1) year expiration date.